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With 8 Senses, you will benefit from the exclusive privilege to get a VIP pick-up directly at the baggage claim. Your chauffeur will await you after passport control, with a nameboard of your choice.

Your 8 Senses chauffeur will assist you with the luggage and will guide you fast-track through customs, directly to the waiting limousine.

A maximum of efficiency and discretion – included in all our transfer rates…

The 8 Senses Executive Airport Ground Service for Zurich-Airport can provide passengers with a maximum of discretion, comfort and time management.

Meeting with a personal nameboard directly at the aircraft door
FAST-TRACK through the passport control
Baggage assistance & lost luggage assistance
FAST-TRACK through the customs control

Accompaniment through priority check-in
FAST-TRACK through security- & passport control
Upon request, accompaniment to duty free shopping or to the airline lounge
Accompaniment until gate / aircraft door


– In-house roadshow team
– Complete roadshow service
– Managing bookings round-the-clock and around the Switzerland
– Acting on ever-changing demands and feedback
– Providing highest quality of service

– Monitoring every single reservations email
– Distributing emails to dedicated roadshow managers
– All emails responded immediately

– Viability checked
– Unique Itinerary-led system
– Inaccuracies highlighted to bookers
– Set a reminder for missing details
– Booker contacted 24h before for confirmation

– Checked 1 hour before scheduled pick up time
– Reconfirm all job details
– All Stages of passenger journey monitored

Quality Control:
– Due diligence on all suppliers
– Visit on location
– Ensure correct insurance and public liability policies
– Check drivers are at a high standard
– Check drivers are carrying out high service levels

– Unique feedback system
– Record and respond to all negative and positive feedback
– Constantly improving service delivery

Our Focus is You
8 Senses Inc. Corporate chauffeuring caters to the demanding needs of the global business traveller. Our unrivalled obsession with customer service ensures we deliver the highest quality service anywhere in Switzerland.

Can I book online?

Yes, you have the option of using 8 Senses Inc. custom built online booking page.

If you already have an account, visit login page.

To set up your online account, call one of our Account Managers at +41 79 138 77 77

How quickly can you quote?

Our unique system provides for instant quoting, which increases the speed and efficiency to which you can return a confirmation to your client. The final quote is subject to terms and conditions.

When will I receive my driver’s details?

Bookings are acknowledged within 15 minutes with full confirmation. You will then receive verified driver’s name and mobile number 24 hours in advance.

Who will I deal with?

Directly with a dedicated corporate travel coordinator who will report to your account manager.

How do you manage changes?

Any changes are available in your online account. Each change triggers a series of quality control checks of suppliers and drivers.

How do you enforce quality control globally?

Using live job tracking, the 8 Senses Inc. system is able to alert the quality control manager to any problems. Furthermore, every driver – on every job – is called one hour before pick-up by a dedicated manager.

Do you have a global network?

We are concentrated on Switzerland with best local Team and knowledge. 8 Senses Inc. is strategically placed to service even the most complicated and demanding projects, combining local attention to detail with global affiliate support.

How much does 8 Senses Inc. service cost?

8 Senses Inc. offers some of the most competitive rates and incentive packages in the corporate chauffeuring industry. For more information, contact us on:

+41 79 138 77 77

Are your rates commissionable?

We have a flexible structure to accommodate your companies pricing policy. Contact us for more information.

Do you create client profiles?

Yes, our system collates client preferences and non-confidential data from previous bookings to ensure a personalised, efficient service.

You are Our Focus

Focussing on quality control and brand representation, our project managers – backed up by 8 Senses Inc. manifest management software – will deliver on every aspect of your event.

Why use us?

Operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your dedicated Project Manager will work alongside you throughout;

– Preplanning – budgeting
– Live – delivery of your programme and brand experience
– Reconciliation – invoicing

What size of groups can you handle?

8 Senses Inc. can arrange event transportation for 1 to 9’000 people. The efficiency of the service we provide is consistent, regardless of the scale of your event.

Who do you work with?

8 Senses Inc. work with a wide variety of sectors including pharmaceutical, aviation, financial, media and entertainment; covering events such as; product launches, conferences, congresses, incentives, award ceremonies, major sporting events and exhibitions.

Where do you work?

We offer a SWISS solution having worked in every Canton and all major cities throughout the Switzerland.

Can you provide on site staff?

We can provide transport managers, event managers, onsite coordinators, hostesses and a meet & greet service.

How will you represent our brand?

8 Senses Inc. never loses sight of that fact, and constantly strives to ensure our working practices and values reflect those of our clients. We will work in partnership with you on your event, ensuring a successful and memorable brand experience is delivered in tandem with our expert logistics.

How quickly can you react to changes?

We are experienced to handle last minutes changes and we put these changes into place with immediate effect. This allows us to ensure all eventualities are covered and that everything runs to schedule.

How do you prepare your drivers?

Prior to each event we brief all of our drivers with detailed event information supported by event specific pre-prepared driver packs.

How will you keep me up to date?

You will be in constant communication with your Project Manager using a secure online login where you can view each live job status and track individual transfers.

How would you manage my budget?

In the first instance we will provide you with the most cost effective solution for your event. Our project manager will keep you updated with a live spend report during the event as requested.

Thanks to a unique alliance with our private security partner we are able to manage your safety as you travel with higher risk profile.

We will provide you with a fully qualified Secure Chauffeur option tailored specifically to your travel security needs and dependent upon your location, level of risk and group size.

Our Focus is You

In response to evolving global security threats and the growing needs of our clients we have partnered with swiss military, swiss police and private security and risk management company to provide an all-encompassing secure travel solution. In the current climate there is an increasing need to establish a ‘duty of care’ and ensure the safety of employees conducting business travel abroad, particularly as many companies move into higher risk position. The 8 Senses Inc. Secure team has gained vast experience within this area, having managed ground transportation in higher risk areas including Events, Sport Events, Money Transfer, Diplomatic baggage and personal…

Our team is highly experienced in managing secure transportation for corporates, roadshows, events and high profile individuals. We work alongside our dedicated security partner to assess risk based on your profile, itinerary, size and status of your group. Our team will advise you the best Secure option to ensure a safe onward journey.

Services range from local vetted drivers and fully qualified security drivers for medium risk areas to armoured cars, police escorts and executive protection services for travel at high-risk.

Our focus throughout is delivering a trustworthy service to the highest standard. From the time you enter our vehicles to disembarking, 8 Senses Inc. Secure Chauffeuring will ensure that your journey is safe, relaxing and on schedule.

How do I book?

You can book 8 Senses Inc. Secure Chauffeuring using the following contact details:

Email: secure@8senses.org
Telephone: +41 79 138 77 77

Who will I deal with?

You will be provided with a single point of contact while you work alongside 8 Senses Inc. Secure Chauffeuring. This will ensure that you build trust and familiarity with someone who is completely dedicated to you.

How do you prepare for my trip?

Using up-to-date intelligence gathered from our security partner we assess Security, Political, Travel, Operational and Terrorism threats to determine a level of risk for given locations. An associated security option is then tailored to your group’s size and status.

When do I get driver details?

You will receive driver name and number within two days prior to your journey.

Do you provide female drivers?

Yes we offer professional female drivers when requested.

Do your drivers have local knowledge?

8 Senses Inc. Secure chauffeurs have extensive local knowledge and are able to avoid known and unexpected problems through contingency route planning and various security techniques to mitigate risk. This ensures passengers arrive safely and on schedule.

How qualified are your drivers?

Our Security Drivers are trained in comprehensive, advanced and evasive driving techniques, VIP escorts, embus and debus drills and vehicle dynamic control skills. Security is of paramount importance and all drivers have undertaken advanced training in anti-surveillance, situational and threat awareness, accident management, vehicle search techniques and vehicle safety systems. As with all our 8 Senses drivers chauffeur protocol and etiquette is of the highest standard.

What type of vehicles can you provide?

We offer a wide range of secure vehicles, mostly Mercedes. The range of executive sedans, SUV’s and minivans will vary depending on the need. Fully secure armoured vehicles are also available and will depend upon on your particular circumstances and risk assessment.

Can you offer close protection services?

Yes, close protection is either requested specifically from our clients or required because of a risk assessment. Our private security partner provides fully licensed and trained Close Protection Operatives skilled in executive protection, advanced driving, emergency medical drills, defense tactics, incident management, contingency planning and risk assessment.

Where do you operate?

We are able to offer our Secure Chauffeuring service in Switzerland and have built a vast network of experienced resources, as we regularly operate within medium and high-risk clients.

How much does it cost?

Due to our unique security partnership and global economies of scale we are able to offer competitive pricing for our Secure services. Pricing will vary depending on the task detail, location, duration and evaluated risk.

Our Experience

With increased global concern prompting client requests for a security-focused unit at 8 Senses Inc., we developed 8 Senses Secure Chauffeuring working alongside our local security partner to create an all-encompassing security solution.

We have a multi-disciplinary security team with experience from Special Forces, police, military and intelligence agencies. Vetted, licensed and professionally qualified, our security trained drivers and Operatives operate in the Switzerland, Europe and throughout the world on confidential security deployments.

8 Senses Inc. Secure Driver Training Course

In partnership with our security specialist, we developed a driver-specific training course, which incorporates the fundamental principles of secure driving and also provides for local influences and laws. This intensive pass or fail course ensures only the most proficient drivers qualify to deliver our elite service.

Our Secure drivers are trained in:

– Threat Assessment
– VIP Escort Drills
– Anti Surveillance
– In-depth Car control
– Vehicle Search Techniques
– Advanced, Evasive and Defensive Driving
– Situational Awareness
– Electronic Vehicle Safety Systems

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Mercedes S Class

Mercedes E Class

Mercedes E Class

MB V Class

MB V Class

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